The first Apple event of this 2022 already has its possible dates. In his newsletter, Mark Gurman ensures that the iPhone SE 3 will debut in March or April in a virtual keynote with other products. Details are scarce, but they serve to open our mouths to what we expect from Apple in 2022.

An iPhone SE 3 for spring 2022

Spring is one of the times of the year that Apple takes advantage of to introduce new products. It’s not as time-limited as the WWDC or the early fall iPhone event, but it does have some recurrence. Now and thanks to Gurman, we know that Apple is mixing March and April for its first keynote of the year:

The first virtual event of 2022 will arrive in a few months and will most likely take place in March or April, I’m told.

The Bloomberg reporter assures us that the iPhone SE 3 is the device we will see, possibly accompanied by other things. The iPhone SE 3 is expected to follow in the footsteps of the iPhone 8 design, with its corresponding display bezels and Touch IDs. Something indicated by Gurman himself.

We can expect better front and rear cameras, along with a state-of-the-art processor and a few more knickknacks. All in a familiar design and at a much more affordable price than the iPhone 13 mini (with the same processor). We might even see 5G making its way to Apple’s most affordable iPhone.

Beyond iPhone SE 3

This is for the iPhone SE 3. But is there room for other products? A third-gen iPhone SE shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes of keynoteing (especially if it keeps the design), so we’d have room to talk about other things, as is usual right now. If we refresh the memory, Apple presented last year around this time:

The Spring Loaded event was really “loaded” with news. And this year, so many new things on the Mac side: two Mac Pro models are expected, the large iMac 2022 and the MacBook Air M2, although we probably won’t see them all yet at this point.

What you would expect is something of a novelty in terms of Apple services. The new Apple TV + series, with its corresponding trailer, extensions of existing services that have not yet left the United States, such as Apple Card or Apple Cash could be in the pools. New Apple Arcade games and Podcast News are also candidates.

What is certain is that Apple has not yet finalized its transition to Apple Silicon. And the 2 year time that has been given to the company is running out at WWDC 2022 or already in November of that 2022, as we start counting.