The iPhone’s night mode allows us to capture images of impressive quality in very low light conditions. A mode that uses all the hardware of the cameras and a complex software system to make the darkest images shine, never better. In iOS 15, the option to temporarily turn it off is added, which is great for some photography sessions.

Night mode yes, although it can be temporarily disabled

Currently the night photography mode is automatically activated when the iPhone detects that there is insufficient light in the scene. Turning it off is as easy as pressing the corresponding button at the top of the Camera app, then sliding the exposure selector to the right to turn it off. So what’s new and how important is it?

In some shoots, the last thing we want is long exposure. Think, for example, of nighttime photographs of a city’s skyline or where you just want to highlight the lighting at a certain point and leave the rest of the image dark. To avoid having to deactivate the night mode for each shot, iOS 15 introduces a minimum change in its operation: once deactivated, the system keeps it deactivated if desired.

To achieve this, we need to access the Settings app. The steps are as follows:

We open the Settings app on our iPhone. We enter the Chamber. We tap on Keep settings. We activate the night mode.

With this setting enabled, as indicated by the Settings app itself, “the night mode setting is retained instead of automatically changing it to an automatic setting.” This means that during a specific photographic session it will remain disabled until we activate it and return to automatic mode.

This is certainly a small change, but one that many photographers or night photography enthusiasts will appreciate on more than one occasion. In the end, adjustments like this add versatility to our iPhone’s camera so that we can get the most amazing images.

Image | philippe mroz