The e-SIM, or internal SIM, is an operator’s nightmare and a user’s dream. It would put an end to the absurd management of cardboard cards in favor of something purely digital, saving shipments and facilitating the change of operator. And it looks like it could start with the iPhone 14, but not the way we imagined.

Models with e-SIM and models with traditional SIM to facilitate the change

MacRumors found traces of this e-SIM arriving a few weeks ago, but now GlobalData analyst Emma Mohr-McClune says an iPhone 14 with e-SIM will likely be something optional. Anyone who wants a terminal with a traditional SIM would still have an iPhone 14 model at their disposal.

In this way, users can choose between an iPhone 14 with a SIM card slot or one without a slot and only with an internal e-SIM. Apple would provide these e-SIM models to carriers, so they could sell them tied to one of their data plans.

The eSIM has been present in the Apple Watch for a long time and its use is constantly growing, although it is still linked to the SIM that you carry in the iPhone. Apple has a good history of “pushing” carriers to adopt new strategies for using and contracting their services, so perhaps this iPhone 14 is the beginning of the end of traditional SIM cards. Not abruptly as we thought, but a first step.

Picture | silvie lindemann