If the latest leaks are to be believed, the iPhone 6s will no longer be able to run the latest version of iOS starting this fall. iOS 16, of which at the moment we only have bulk data and a concept, would need an iPhone 7 or later generation models to be able to install it.

It was pretty clear that this was going to happen sooner or later. The iPhone 6s has been a compatibility titan with seven years of support for the company’s latest operating system. At some point, this was going to have to stop. But does that mean iPhone 6s should be thrown away or used as decoration? Certainly not.

There are issues, but almost none for the basic user

I have no doubt that an iPhone that can’t use the latest version of iOS is completely free of drawbacks: the simple fact of not being able to update it exposes it to recent vulnerabilities in the system, as well than not being able to take advantage of the new features that appear in the Manzana services.

We must also talk about the little storage available in these terminals, which was 16 or 32 GB compared to the minimum 128 GB with which the current iPhone 13 is sold; and the poor performance they present compared to what we see now. And of course, forget to fix it if it breaks.

However, there are still users who only use iPhones for the essentials. Calls, consultation of emails, messaging and some other steps that they are forced to do reluctantly (banking procedures, vaccination certificates…). For this, an iPhone 6s will still suffice. It will be slow and there may be a compatibility issue depending on the bank or entity you want to deal with, but no one will be forced to renew if they don’t want to.

What if I still want to update?

If you have an iPhone 6s and have decided to renew your terminal by keeping this approach as basic as possible, several options are available to you.

A cheap solution is to buy an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. You save a lot of money, but you may find yourself in the same situation in a year or two. A balance between saving and having a good terminal is to get an iPhone SE. They are inexpensive and have the power of the latest iPhone. The most durable solution is to buy one of the more powerful iPhones, like an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13. You might not get the most out of it and it will be more expensive, but it’s an iPhone which will last as long as the 6s.

Remember that you can access our Applesfera Selection section to find the best current offers and discounts on any of the iPhone models on the market. But if you’re a basic user, you’re in luck: any option will work for you.

Picture | Luis Felipe Lins