The developers were quick to discover an interesting novelty in the first beta of iOS 15.4 recently released: the possibility of using FaceID to unlock the iPhone with the mask and without having to wear Apple Watch.

Extra comfort that comes after two years of masks

This further improves the unlocking of iPhones with FaceID, which from iOS 14.5 and up until now had to be completed with a properly configured Apple Watch to work. From now on, it will no longer be mandatory to have the Apple watch to be able to perform this unlocking.

Those who have installed the beta have been able to check how an assistant offers this new function from Settings, which already warns that it largely depends on an accurate reading of our eyes and therefore it will not work with sunglasses. Our colleague Pedro Aznar has tried it and comments that the unlock speed is very fast:

The new beta version of iOS 15.4 allows us to recognize the face with a mask at a level of precision that we have never seen before. No Apple Watch needed. A new configuration is done (even with glasses) and detection with a mask is incredible: instantaneous.

— Pedro Aznar (@pedroaznar) January 27, 2022

To activate the Face ID function, we must do an additional scan of our face wearing the mask, and it asks us to remove our glasses to refine the reading of our eyes.

It’s debatable if this is overdue, but since masks can take a long time to completely disappear from our lives, I personally appreciate that they’ve worked hard to find a way to make iPhone unlocking work for them. .