The iPhone will be able to unlock Face ID even while wearing a mask, in a first beta of iOS 15.4 which is the news of the day. Two years it took Apple to readapt its facial recognition system to masks. Although the wait, as we have seen, was worth it.

A small Face ID setup to unlock with mask

When we install iOS 15.4 in its final version and if Apple does not change the process, the user will come across an invitation to officially configure Face ID with a mask. To do this, it is necessary to have an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, since these are the models that have a second generation Face ID system. Reason why iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11 are all left out.

If we do not accept the invitation to configure Face ID with a mask, we can go to Settings> Face ID and code and activate the option “Use Face ID with a mask”. In doing so, we will be asked to do a new exploration identical to the one we did with Face ID the first time: put the face in the center of the image and turn the head.

Additionally, Apple requires us to examine the iPhone carefully as an additional security measure.

We have to do it without a mask (obviously) and without glasses of any kind. Later, we can add several glasses to see, to refine the model when we use a mask and glasses at the same time (something that is sometimes mission impossible because of the fog). However, this feature cannot be used with sunglasses of any kind, we understand this is because they do not allow us to see our face through them and verify it.

In two words: instant

Those who install this beta will be able to try out this new feature first hand. Although we already know how these things work, the iOS 15.4 mask unlock might undergo some changes and even be removed at the last minute. But that doesn’t seem to be happening.

It’s Amazing How Fast iPhone Unlocks With Mask On and iOS 15.4 Configured

When you try it for the first time, you realize that there really isn’t a story. With the mask and without the need for an Apple Watch, we can instantly unlock an iPhone. It’s really surprising, because the iPhone lets us in without even a second of hesitation. I dare say it’s as fast as without a mask.

This feature may come later than we would have liked. Although the pandemic situation has improved, the truth is that it is very likely that we will still be wearing masks for some time. Whether indoors, on public transport or in other situations where we are surrounded by many people. Therefore, it will be a most useful function.