Another new feature of the first beta of iOS 15.4 is that we will be able to add COVID vaccines to our Health and Wallet app. A deeper integration of the existing, since the application that centralizes all the variables that monitor our body is integrated into the process. While the feature isn’t fully rolling out, it’s something EU users will be able to do once the final version of iOS 15.4 is released.

One more step to have our centralized COVID Certificate

For some time now, Health has become the major hub of our health data. And it is that this application was the great absentee when it came to integrating with the COVID passports that were already officially on the iPhone. Now, with iOS 15.4, this integration goes further.

Until now, we could upload the COVID certificate directly to Wallet from the Ministry of Health. We could even ask Siri to show us the COVID certificate with a shortcut. With iOS 15.4, do the following:

With the QR code at hand, we focus the camera of our iPhone. A yellow button with a symbol for a document called “Vaccine for COVID-19” will appear. If we click on it, it will take us to a menu to add this vaccine to our Health and Wallet applications on iPhone. Currently, since the authenticity of the document cannot be verified, it can only be added to Health and not to Portfolio.

It is very possible that when iOS 15.4 is finalized, these issues will have been resolved. Or that if we already have a vaccination certificate in the iPhone wallet, this new gives an error.

As always, we must remember that we are in a beta version. The functionality could change, be reduced, extended and even Apple decides to remove it at the last moment. In its current form, its usefulness is simply to centralize our vaccines with the rest of the Health variables that our iPhone already hosts.