Washington, Ta. 3

Intel will invest 100 billion rupees to build a campus in Ohio, the world’s largest chip maker, the company said in a statement. Significantly, at present there is a shortage of semiconductors all over the world. Its effect is being seen on everything from smart photos to cars.

Intel’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Pat Gelsinger has formulated a new policy. Under the new policy, Intel wants to reduce its dependence on Asian countries for chips. Significantly, Intel has to depend on Asian countries for the chip.

According to Gelsinger, initially Rs 50 billion will be invested in the 1,000 acres, which will create 3,000 jobs. A total of 100 billion will be invested in phases in the eight manufacturing plants.

It will be the largest investment ever made in Ohio. Also, the Ohio plant will become the world’s largest chip maker. However, manufacturing the complex will take years and will not have a significant impact on existing chip makers.

The Biden administration has also approved a $5 billion subsidy to boost chip production in the United States. Significantly, Intel has come second in semiconductor sales in 2021. Samsung Electronics got the first place. Intel’s semiconductor sales grew just 0.2 percent.

Samsung has also announced a massive investment in the US to manufacture the chip. China, on the other hand, is also investing heavily in expanding its semiconductor manufacturing capacity.