New Delhi, 26 July 2021, Monday

Even though the government denies that children are at greater risk from the third wave of corona, children are being targeted by corona amid the ongoing corona in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, the delta version has flooded more than 100 babies every week over the past month. Some children are under the age of five. This raises questions about the relationship between young age and risk factors for COVID.

Indonesia has the highest rate of death from corona among children in the world. The fear of a third wave is getting stronger due to the kind of food shortage in Indonesia. Children account for 12 percent of all corona cases here. So far 30 lakh people have died and 83,000 people have died. 800 children are involved in this and most of them have died in the last one month. Since Friday, 50,000 new cases of corona have been reported in the country.

However, the Indian government has said earlier that there is no evidence that the third wave of corona will have a greater impact on children. Even when infected, children show mild symptoms of corona.