Kabul, Ta. 23
Taliban militants stormed the Spin Boldak area of ​​Afghanistan. A Taliban terrorist opened indiscriminate fire, killing more than 100 civilians. Taliban militants looted the area.
Taliban militants have killed more than 100 people in Afghanistan. The Afghan Interior Ministry said in a statement that the Taliban had attacked and looted the border area of ​​Spin Boldak. A terrorist fired indiscriminately killing more than 100 innocent civilians.
On the other hand, the US carried out airstrikes in Afghanistan to stop Taliban terrorists. A Pentagon official said the US Air Force carried out airstrikes across Afghanistan, where Taliban militants were on the rise, killing several Taliban militants. Earlier, a US official said that the Taliban had captured 200 districts of Afghanistan. After that statement America went on strike. The US has vowed to continue airstrikes in the coming days to aid the Afghan military.
Meanwhile, the Taliban have made a big bet for a ceasefire in Afghanistan. The Taliban have demanded that President Ashraf Ghani be ousted if peace is to be restored in Afghanistan. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said the Taliban would lay down arms if the current Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is removed from the presidency and an all-party government is formed in his place. A Taliban spokesman claimed that the Taliban does not want to establish a monopoly on Afghanistan.
With the rise of Taliban militants in Afghanistan, terrorists around the world will strike with double force. Experts have expressed concern that the manner in which the Taliban have taken Afghanistan hostage will prompt other terrorist organizations to launch new terrorist missions, fearing an increase in terrorist attacks around the world.