Signify has announced new products for its Philips Hue connected LED lighting range. In this case, they are new luminaires designed for outdoor use, such as balconies, gardens, terraces… Three new models that have been added to the range of intelligent outdoor lighting.

It is a wall lamp with a vintage effect and two wall lamps with which to create a soft atmosphere thanks to the indirect light. Additionally, the company announced two new lighting effects coming to the Hue app later this year that your compatible bulbs will be able to benefit from.

Connected and decorative

The first of the novelties presented is the Inara wall light, a retro-style light that is appreciated as soon as you see that it is a bulb that looks like a filament. The so-called Edison bulb has its “electric” filament visible through the bulb. This is mounted on a kind of black lantern that gives an air to those that we see in the streets and the terraces of catering establishments.

While it doesn’t have the options to change color that other Hue bulbs have, on the other hand, the Inara lets you adjust the brightness through the app as well as voice control it with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant and even with a remote control for sale separately.

The other two products presented are two wall lights. The first responds to the name of Lucca. A model that has white light options and can also change color. An outdoor wall lamp with rounded shapes in which the light comes out through the free bands left by its structure of black lines.

The other model is the Resonate wall light. Its design is less innovative, as its rectangular shape makes it possible to project white light or colored light from top to bottom of the wall and thus create ambient light to highlight facades or walls.

This model and the previous one as well as the Inara lamp can be controlled via the Philips Hue app and require the use of the Philips Hue Bridge hub to be able to control them remotely. They are also integrated with platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings and Apple HomeKit.

Alongside these new models, Signify has announced that new effects will be coming to the Philips Hue app during the first quarter of 2022. Two new effects that can be used in indoor lights, for example allowing them to be configured to mimic the glow of candlelight.

Price and availability

At the moment there is no information on the arrival and prices of these fixtures in Spain, but their availability in the United States is known. They will arrive from March 1st at a price of $99.99 for the Inara lamp and the Lucca wall lamp and $159.99 for the Resonate wall lamp.

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