Last Saturday, September 4, the Google Play Indie Games Festival took place in Europe, Japan, and South Korea, where 20 indie games from each region competed against each other to be one of three winners, or to be among the ten finalists.

Well, once the festival is organized, we already have the three winners of the “Indie Games Festival 2021” for each of the regions as well as the Top 10 best indie games for Android which were presented at this festival.

The winners were selected by a jury composed of industry experts and representatives of Google, where through this annual festival Google Play will reward a promotional campaign to give visibility to the winning independent games through different sections of the store of other prizes, such as a Pixelbook Go for the three winners and a Pixel 5 for the 10 finalists. Without further ado, here are the winners for each territory, listed in alphabetical order:

The winners and finalists of the ‘Indie Games Festival 2021’

European winners

Bird Alone by George Batchelor, United Kingdom: A curious game featuring the loneliest bird on the plane, in which every day the bird will ask us questions about life, death and the meaning of life. existence. Throughout this trip we will compose music, make drawings and poems. The price of this game is 3.49 euros.

Cats in Time from Pine Studio, Croatia: In this puzzle game, we have to help the inventor of the time machine find his time lost cats. We will travel to houses from different eras to solve their puzzles and thus find their cats.

Gumslinger by Itatake, Sweden: This is an action, full of shooter game starring jelly candy characters, where you will play in matches of 65 players from all over the world.

European Top 10

The Top 10 of the best European games presented at the Indie Games Festival on Google Play is completed by these seven games:

Japan winners

Mousebusters by Odencat: This is a pixelart style adventure starring a mouse whose mission is to destroy all the ghosts in the building to save its inhabitants.

Quantum Transport by ruccho: puzzle game with isometric view which, through its puzzles, must use its space-time portals to bring the goods to the goal. Currently, it can only be downloaded from Japan.

The guilt of the survivor by aso:

Japan Top 10

The Top 10 best Japanese games presented at the Indie Games Festival on Google Play are rounded out by these seven games:

South Korean winners

CATS & SOUP by HIDEA: This is a simulation game featuring cats, by cats making soup in the forest. Here we have to create new recipes to sell. The game is not yet available. Rush Hour Rally by Soen Games The Way Home by CONCODE

South Korea’s Top 10

Dicast: Rules of Chaos by BSS COMPANY

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