Abu Dhabi The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has amended its labor laws. Indians will benefit from this. The UAE’s new labor law has come into effect from 2 February. The UAE government drafted the amended labor law last year.

The new law gives workers more rights. It offers several options that were not there in the previous law. The new law will also have an impact on Indian workers working in the UAE. This will improve their condition.

Indians constitute 40% of the population of the United Arab Emirates. According to the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, there are 3.5 million Indians living in the United Arab Emirates. Most of them work in private sector companies. Indian workers are expected to get relief from the new law.

The UAE has now enacted Federal Decree No. 33 of 2021 for Labor Rights. Prior to this, the federal law of 1980 was number eight for workers. UAE Minister of Human Resource Development Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awar said that the new law will make the UAE labor market at par with the global labor market. This change will benefit workers working in the UAE and will also have the right to working conditions.

The law provides protection of the rights of both the parties. It will also help the UAE to attract skilled foreign talent. He said the new law gives workers and their contractors several options for awarding contracts. The law provides for 12 types of work permits and six types of work patterns. There are 12 types of work permits and six types of work patterns given under the law. Under this, a work contract will be made between both the parties. The contract will be for three years and can be renewed.