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Natasha Perry, an 11-year-old Indian-American student, has been named one of the world’s brightest students by a top American university. Perry has been awarded for her outstanding performance on the SAT and ACT exams. Indian-American Natasha Perry competed in the latest talent search competition among nearly 15,000 students from six countries and excelled in the Academic Assessment Test (SAT) and the American College Test (ACT).

Many US universities use the Academic Assessment (SAT) and American College Testing (ACT) criteria to admit students. In some cases, companies and non-profit organizations also use these scores to award scholarships to students. In New Jersey, Thelma L. Perry, a student at Sandmere Elementary School, was honored for her outstanding performance in SAT, ACT or equivalent assessment competitions as part of the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (VTY) search.

More than 15,000 students from 9 countries participated in the Talent Search (CTY) for the year 2020-21. CTY conducts examinations to identify talented students from across the world above their grade level and present a clear picture of their true academic abilities.

Perry, a fifth grader at an elementary school in New Jersey, took a Johns Hopkins talent search test in the spring of 2021. Perry scored 90 percentile of Advanced Grade 2 performance in the verbal and quantitative sections. She managed to get the cut for the Johns Hopkins VTY ‘High Honors Awards’. Natasha Perry said the honor would motivate her to do better academically.

Less than 50% of students who participate in the CTY Talent Search may qualify for the CTY High Honors Awards. Students receiving the CTY High Honors Awards honor can join a community of learners with other talented students from around the world, where gifted students can gain more information and knowledge from each other through online and summer programs.