Indian Brook students help save gorillas

The 25 third graders in Ann Nadler’s class realized they can make a difference in the world.

Students decided to hold a penny drive during the month of January to help save gorillas. During their recent animal research unit, students read “Gorillas” by Lori McManus. After reading this fascinating book, students learned gorillas are endangered. They may become extinct because of loss of habitat, disease, and hunting. Humans are the main reason gorillas are endangered.

However, students learned that humans are also working hard to save gorillas and conserve their habitats. “We want to help!” the students decided.

All money collected in the classroom’s Gorilla Jar will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund. The students learned that the World Wildlife Fund is one of the leading organizations helping gorillas from becoming extinct. Students are also creating Google slides about gorillas as part of a science/research project.

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