Infinite Loop is Applesfera’s daily podcast, broadcast from Monday to Friday at 7:00 a.m. (Spanish peninsula time), in which we talk about Apple and its competition seen through the prism of the Cupertino company. This is a ten-minute podcast, presented by Javier Lacort and edited by Santi Araújo.

These are the five episodes of this week, you can listen to them in full from this page.

#529: The App Store, Waste, and Incentives

A problem that comes a long way, remains unsolved and there doesn’t seem to be a near solution until the incentives change.

#530: iMessage and status

The Last War with Apple, iMessage, Google, RCS, and a Wall Street Journal article as players has a reading that naturalizes the conflict: status and signaling are ubiquitous in our lives.

#531: The moment of an Apple Watch SE 2

The Apple Watch SE, launching in 2020, begins its countdown to a renewal that could end up being a biennial if it ends up happening this fall. Its main challenge, to update itself while maintaining an interesting position for the company in the watchmaking scheme, at a sufficient distance from the Series 7 and its successors.

#532: 3 billion later

After hitting $3 trillion in market capitalization at the start of 2022, it may be time for us to rethink our expectations of Apple. For example, to be a little more magnanimous with your customers.

#533: More fitness and more

Following an email from a listener, some comments on Apple’s position in online sports services and the role they play in relation to others, both at the hardware and software level.

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