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Inaba Japan To catch “gold” The two right arms of the additional convocation of the samurai in July, who were divided into light and dark, are clear (1/2 page)

Even on the 14th, the final round of the first half, the team was clearly divided into light and dark. Hiroshima Morishita Nobuhito (23) started the game against Chunichi (Mazda) in the 8th inning with no runs. In the 9th inning, pitcher Ryoji Kuribayashi (25), who is a newcomer and a closer, slashed to a trio and scored the 18th save.

On the other hand, pitcher Suguru Iwazaki (30), who is the left arm of the rescue, was hit in the 8th inning when he pitched in 3rd place against DeNA (Koshien) instead of relieving his anxiety about his condition. This month’s ERA deteriorated to 6.00. Behind the scenes, pitcher Yasuaki Yamasaki (28), who pitched in 2nd place in DeNA, was also KO’d with 3 hits, 2 walks and 2 runs.

The results of the 24 national team players in July are as shown in the table. Orix Yamamoto Yoshinobu (22), who is now regarded as the ace of Japan and is likely to be in charge of relief in addition to the starting lineup, remains in good shape and can be said to be a reassuring material for Inaba. Masahiro Tanaka (32), who boasts 181 wins in Japan and the United States and has the best track record among the members this time, and who is also careful about how to use the pitcher, has been on the rise this month with 4 wins and 5 losses so far. It is showing the true adjustment power.

As the savior of the pitchers whose calculations went wrong due to the decline of Sugano and Nakagawa (both giants), the two right-handed men who were additionally convened were also bright and dark. Nippon-Ham Fighter Hiromi Itoh (23) has won six straight games since the match between China and Japan on May 28, and this month’s ERA is in the 0-point range, joining the national team.

On the other hand, pitcher Kodai Senga (28), who was called out after the breakdown, did not have three times in the game against Lotte on the 6th, which he recovered from the ligament injury of his left ankle for the first time in three months, and he was on fire with 10 goals. It is unknown how far the state can be raised with the adjustment of the 2nd army again. Takuya Kai (28), who also teams up with Senga at Softbank, is expected to be a regular catcher of the Hinomaru, but his batting average is in the 10% range and his bat is damp this month.