Washington, January 7, 203, Friday

Billions of gallons of water are wasted instead of being taken out of the earth’s crust. According to the World Meteorological Report, this situation is due to the decreasing water storage not only in India but all over the world. In India, over the years, there has been an average drop of 3 cm in some areas. Per capita water availability in India is decreasing rapidly due to overpopulation.

It was 1313 cubic meters in the year 2001, which has come down to 12 cubic meters in 2011. The water availability is expected to come down to 15 cubic meters by 2021, citing the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. According to the State of Climate Services’ Global Reference Report, water storage rates have declined by 1 cm per year over the past 20 years. In view of this, 3 cm drop in ground water level in India is very high. Although the situation in Antarctica and Greenland is very delicate in terms of water storage, experts agree that Greenland is one of the top ten countries in the world in terms of area but population is about the size of a small city.

In comparison, India has a high population density and high water consumption. The situation is very bad in the areas of North India. There is still no concerted effort in India for local water harvesting. Ground water is the main source of drinking water. The deeper the water, the lower the quality and quantity of water. Although 2% of Earth’s surface is covered by roaring oceans, only 0.5% of Earth’s water is potable. Therefore, sustainable water management has become necessary to save this amount of water.