march for the defense of human rights in Cuba took place this Sunday in Madrid (Spain) | Photo: Víctor Lerena / Agência EFE

Hundreds of demonstrators, many born in Cuba, took part this Sunday (25) in a demonstration in favor of “freedom and democracy” on the Caribbean island, in the streets of Madrid, capital of Spain. The motto of the march was “If Cuba is in the streets, so are we”, in a demonstration in support of the demonstrations that have taken place in much of Cuban territory.

Many demonstrators insisted on asking for the support of the Spanish government to intervene in Cuba. “Spain is the motherland, and a mother never leaves her child,” said singer Yotuel, one of the composers of the song “Patria e vida”, which has become one of the symbols of the wave of protests from the island.

In Uruguay, a march in support of demonstrations for freedom and democracy on the island was also recorded this Sunday, in front of the American embassy in Montevideo.