September is approaching, the date on which the arrival of the new iPhone 13 is expected, as well as new products from the company. As we read in 9to5mac, the ninth generation iPad will also see the light of day this month, without significant design changes, but economical and retaining the essence of the product, as well as significant improvements.

A new generation of iPad for September

The eighth-generation iPad arrived in 2020 with a familiar design, the A12 Bionic chip, and general hardware improvements. Its successor is said to be on the verge of entering the market, and this is expected during the next events that Apple is planning for the month of September. Rumors from late 2020 also pointed to a larger 10.5-inch panel, albeit with IPS technology again.

Apple’s low-budget ninth-generation iPad, slated for launch in September, may not include significant design changes, but is expected to increase overall Apple iPad shipments to $ 60 million. units this year, according to industry sources. ”

Although iMore says “there won’t be any significant design changes,” Gurman said the new sixth-generation iPad 9 and iPad mini will have a slightly slimmer design. Of course, changes will be made to the processor to make them more powerful than their predecessors.

It is also suggested that Apple is considering outfitting the iPad 9 with a titanium chassis, although high production costs mean that possibility has yet to be confirmed.

Failing to be able to adjust the prices of this titanium-finished iPad, the company could reserve it for future generations, even if the idea remains on the table.