A sign indicates the place of vaccination against Covid-19 in Argentina | Photo: Demian Alday Estévez / Agência EFE / Gazeta do Povo

Argentine infectious disease specialist Eduardo López, a member of the committee advising President Alberto Fernández, criticized the slow pace of vaccination against Covid-19 in the provinces, saying that there are around 5 million doses of immunizing agents, already distributed by the federal government, which have not yet been implemented. “It is barbaric, a failure of the system of those who must apply them,” he said. According to government data, 4.9 million doses distributed did not reach Argentines.

On Radio Miter, López said one of the main problems is the slowness of vaccination during weekends, with few stations open, which reduces the number of doses applied to less than half, compared to a working day. According to the Clarín newspaper, the difference between the doses received and applied is greater in Misiones, Salta and Chaco, which applied 68%, 76% and 77% respectively of the vaccines arriving in the provinces.

As of Monday, Argentina had applied 39.6 million doses of anti-Covid vaccines, among the 44.4 million distributed by the federal government to the provinces. 27.3 million Argentines (60% of the population) were vaccinated with at least one dose, while 12.2 million completed the vaccination schedule (26% of the population).