Pope Francis greets the faithful upon his arrival at the Paul VI Hall for his general audience, one month after his colon surgery, Vatican, August 4, 2021. Illustrative image | Photo: FABIO FRUSTACI / Agence EFE

Pope Francis supported this Wednesday (18) vaccination against Covid-19, with “vaccines authorized by health authorities”.

In the video released by the Vatican, the Pope says getting the vaccine is an “act of love”. “Love yourself, love family and friends, love everyone.” The video also showed the presence of some cardinals of the Catholic Church, such as Brazilian Cláudio Hummes, but the highlight was Francisco himself, who in various ways emphasized the importance of vaccination.

“Getting vaccinated is a simple but profound method of promoting the common good and caring for one another, especially the most vulnerable. I pray to God that each of us can make our little gesture of love. However small it is, love is always great ”, concluded the Pope.