– Pakistan has also given 10-15 thousand terrorists so that Taliban and Pakistani terrorists can fight with Afghan army

New Delhi Date. Wednesday, September 01, 2021

The US has ended its two-decade-long war in Afghanistan. US forces withdrew from Kabul airport on August 30, and the Taliban have taken full control of Afghanistan. The Taliban have taken over the country dramatically over the past month, but while all this was going on, there was a phone conversation between US President Joe Biden and then-President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani. In this the fight against Taliban was discussed.

On July 23, Joe Biden and Ashraf Ghani had a 14-minute conversation in which Joe Biden discussed military aid to Afghanistan. At the same time, he told Ashraf Ghani that he needed to change his image in the fight against the Taliban as that image was getting tarnished in Afghanistan and around the world.

Ashraf Ghani left Kabul after about two weeks of the phone call. On August 15, the Taliban captured the Rashtrapati Bhavan in Kabul, and 15 days later, the United States withdrew from Afghanistan entirely. This marked the end of the 20 Years’ War.

Ashraf asks Ghani to give a plan

Joe Biden told Ashraf Ghani that he would give military aid only if he publicly opposed plans to stop the Taliban. “We will continue to get air support, but we need to know what the next plan is,” Biden said. Just days before the phone call, the United States backed the Afghan military and launched an airstrike against the Taliban.

The US President wanted the then Defense Secretary General Bismillah Khan to be given the responsibility of fighting the Taliban by Ashraf Ghani. Afghanistan went ahead with its plan, handing over the reins to Bismillah Khan, and then the US agreed to increase aid. If Biden had been convinced that the 3 million Afghan soldiers trained by the US military could face the Taliban of 70-80 thousand.

However, the entire focus of the talks remained on the attitude of the Afghan government. If Biden had expressed concern that the Ashraf Ghani government’s stance on the fight against the Taliban was not serious, it was sending the wrong message to the world. That is why the US advised that Afghanistan should come with full political leadership and hold a press conference, declare a strategy against the Taliban to change the image.

Ashraf Ghani showed fear of Pakistan

Judging by the conversations claimed by Reuters, the US President appears to have done a lot to help the Afghan military. During that conversation he had no idea how the future of Afghanistan would completely change in the next one month.

In the conversation, Ashraf Ghani warned the US President about Pakistan. Ghani said that the Taliban is once again attacking with full force with the full support of Pakistan. Apart from this, Pakistan has also given 10-15 thousand terrorists so that Taliban and Pakistani terrorists can compete with the Afghan army.