Islamabad, Ta. 3

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan also continued to poison the death of separatist Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani, who played a key role in spreading Pakistan’s conspiracies in Jammu and Kashmir. He called Geelani a “Pakistani” targeting India.

Imran Khan announced half-mast of the Pakistan flag and also declared a day of national mourning. He tweeted that saddened to hear the news of Kashmiri leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani. Throughout his life, Gilani fought for his people and their right to self-determination. Imran Khan said that India kept him captive and harassed him. We salute his struggle in Pakistan and remember his words – We are Pakistanis and Pakistan is ours.

Notorious for his anti-India remarks, Gilani also honored Pakistan with its highest civilian honour, the Nishan-e-Pakistan. Syed Ali Shah Geelani passed away at the age of 9 in Srinagar late on Wednesday night. Geelani was ailing for a long time. At one time Geelani had a tremendous influence on Kashmir. In one of his voices, the whole of Kashmir was being shut down. However, in time the people of Kashmir marginalized and boycotted Geelani. Geelani called upon the people of Kashmir to boycott the 2019 elections. But the people of Kashmir boycotted him. In the 2014 elections, the turnout in Jammu and Kashmir was 8%.