One UI 3.0, present both in high ranges like the Galaxy S21 Ultra and in more modest mobiles, like the Galaxy A22 and A32, hides among its many options that of improving the sound of our Samsung in a personalized way. In other words, we can create a personalized profile that adapts to our hearing, using the appropriate test to check how we listen.

We will explain how to configure this ‘Adapt sound’ function, which is very useful for establishing a default profile on our phone and improving its sound. It is a simple process and it takes little time, although it is somewhat hidden.

This is how Samsung’s Adapt Sound works

In Samsung mobiles we find an option called Adapt Sound. As the name suggests, this is a function that attempts to adapt the sound of the headphones to our ear, depending on our hearing abilities and our age profile.

To configure this option, it is necessary to have updated our Samsung and to have a compatible model. In our case, we used a high-end model with Dolby Atmos, although several members of the cheaper Galaxy family have this option.

Open your Samsung Galaxy settings

Go to the ‘Sounds and vibrations’ section

Now go to ‘Quality and sound effects’

Click on ‘Adapt sound’

From this menu we can make Adapt Sound work in calls, multimedia or content and calls. You will also find the different profiles according to age, although you can create your own personalized profile (the most recommended option).

To create your profile, you will need to listen to a few sounds at different frequencies, a classic hearing test, like the one an ENT would give us. This will allow us to adapt the equalizer to our hearing, making music sound better with headphones according to our ear.