Google recently updated the most popular camera on Android phones, the capture app that comes with Pixels. This version, which amounts to number 8.4, has already been adapted to the popular GCam: it is possible to take a look at the photography of the Pixel 6 on other phones. BSG created the first mod.

The fact that there is a large community of Android developers has brought always welcome ROMs to applications which, although not found in the Google Play Store, offer so much quality and number of options that the installation in APK is worth it. Among all the developments, the adapted Google camera or GCam is one of the most attractive applications. And it stays remarkably up-to-date.

BSG creates the first GCam of version 8.4

As we said, the Google Camera is constantly being developed, both by Google itself and by all the “modders” who release the photography application from their chains. Dado la complejidad de la modification, la cámara de Google adapted no funciona exactamente bien en all Android: habrá algunos que arranquen all las functions, otros verán cómo se cuelga nada más abrirla y puede que el modo retrato o el nocturno no funcione bien en the rest. Luck influences too much.

Given how unpredictable the GCam is, the best way to find out if it works is to try it out. Specifically, BSG, one of the most popular developers, has released the first versions of its excellent mod adapted to the latest version of the Google camera, 8.4.

The new GCam adapts the latest Google Camera bringing the features released in the Pixel 6 to the rest of Android; as different stabilization modes (depends on mobile hardware). Motion mode is not yet available.

According to our tests (it even worked on a Xiaomi Mi A3, with some sluggishness), the BSG GCam 8.4 did quite well. The results are as expected, we didn’t experience any shutdowns in most capture modes (yes in night mode), it felt stable enough to be one of the first releases and it allows us to select the interface and the base model from the full list of Pixels, including the latest ones. In this way, compatibility can be improved.

The best way to find out if this new GCam works or not is to download the APK and try it out: it’s available on Celso Azevedo’s page. It is also worth following the BSG Telegram channel: they share the new versions of their adapted Google camera there. At the moment, this first version of GCam is in beta.