We assume that this year we will see the renewal of the larger iMac. An update that, in addition to giving it a design similar to what we have already seen in the 24-inch iMac M1, would bring Apple silicon chips to this computer. An iMac that, although initial rumors put it in the spring, could be delayed until WWDC.

One of the few Macs still equipped with Intel processors

Since Apple presented the new version of the iMac M1, with a complete redesign and Apple silicon chips, we have been waiting for the renewal of its big brother, one of the few Macs that still use Intel processors. The new iMac, which we call the Pro because of its features, like a mini-LED display, for example, should have arrived in the spring of this year, but there seems to have been a slight change in plans.

According to analyst Young Ross, Apple is gearing up to launch the iMac Pro for this “summer” and is leaving behind the possibility of a launch during the supposed spring event. The analyst points out that while mini-LED panels for this iMac Pro should start arriving in June, the product itself could launch in August or September.

The dates, no doubt, seem inconsistent with Apple’s usual release schedule. Typically, Macs arrive in the spring or October, with a few exceptions in June during WWDC. In Ross’ words, we may well be facing a launch at this year’s Developer Conference because, in fact, this is a Mac focused on the more professional sectors.

For now, we will have to wait for new rumors to have a clearer view of the situation. Gurman suggested a few weeks ago that Apple would complete the transition to Apple Silicon during WWDC, so it looks like this year will be busy in terms of releases.

Picture | N.Tho.Duc