As promised, we are launching a feedback system in the telegram channel “Developing the Lipetsk Region Together”, where everyone can ask a question, leave a complaint or suggestion. The task was set to repeat, as far as possible, the functionality of personal messages of the previous platform, but, given the broader capabilities of the telegram, to also implement a system for monitoring responses to messages, ”said Igor Artamonov.

He noted that the channel team added new features – a clear tracking of the timing of responses, registration of requests in a single database, quick transfer of tasks to performers.

The governor dwelled in detail on the possibilities of the new channel of interaction between the executive authorities and the people of Lipsk and explained that the tools of the new channel and its potential would expand and improve over time. Currently, in the telegram channel “Developing the Lipetsk Region Together” there is an opportunity to ask a question on any topic. Questions that relate to the threat to life and health can be asked in the “Urgent” topic.

Igor Artamonov added that he intends to constantly review incoming questions in order to be aware of the concerns of the residents of the region and make systemic decisions to solve emerging problems.

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