When it comes to improving the audio of our flat TVs, soundbars are among the most useful devices that allow us to increase the volume level, decode more formats than those offered as standard on television, to obtain more impressive bass frequencies and in some models they even process the sound signal to enhance human voices and that we do not suffer from the classic problem of dialogues that are not understood.

One of the brands that bets most strongly on this type of sound equipment capable of enhancing dialogues with digital processing is Polk Audio, and one of its most interesting soundbars in recent years is the Polk Audio MagniFi Mini, a compact model that’s taking a whopping 38% off this week at Amazon and Worten.

With a starting price of around 400 euros, the presumed arrival of new models for 2022 makes the stores offer it with a succulent discount and we can get it for 249.79 euros in both stores for a limited time .

Polk Audio MagniFi Mini – Wireless Soundbar and Subwoofer, with Google Assistant, Bluetooth, Black

Soundbar plus subwoofer and DTS sound

The equipment consists of a soundbar with a curious compact design and a wireless subwoofer with the respective dimensions of 79 x 341 x 108 mm and 368 x 188 x 366 mm, the bar being able to decode Dolby audio tracks Digital and DTS up to 5.1 channels with simulated surround effects.

Inside the bar we find two 12 mm tweeters and four 57 mm (2.25 inch) woofers for the mid and high frequencies. The bass is handled by the subwoofer and its 6.5-inch speaker and a combined output of 150 watts.

It has an HDMI connection, an optical digital input for older televisions, an analog auxiliary and supports playback of content from mobile devices via Bluetooth. It also includes several proprietary technologies to improve dialogue clarity in movies and conventional programming, such as Voice Adjust.

It includes WiFi, Google Cast to stream music directly from mobiles, as well as a night listening mode with a dedicated button that reduces low frequencies and increases the voice setting to reproduce clearer dialogue without increasing the overall volume.

Price and availability

The Polk Audio MagniFi Mini has a superb 38% discount at Amazon and Worten throughout this week until February 7 with a price of 249.79 euros compared to the usual 400 euros.

More information | Polk-Audio

Polk Audio MagniFi Mini – Wireless Soundbar and Subwoofer, with Google Assistant, Bluetooth, Black

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