– ‘Russia-Ukraine war has made it impossible for Russia to get gas so Europe is eager to get gas from Qatar’

Washington: US President Joe Biden said on Monday that he would appoint Gulf country Qatar as the main non-NATO ally of the US. This situation will pave the way for greater security cooperation and capital investment in the Gulf country ‘Katar’.

The meeting between Biden and Qatar’s emir, Sheikh bin Laden, is taking place at a time when Russia will cut off Europe’s gas supplies to Europe when it invades Ukraine, causing a power shortage in Europe. So the US and its European allies are making contingency plans to meet their ‘energy’ needs.

“Last year, our partnership focused on the most important interests,” Bayard said during a joint news conference with the Sheikh of Qatar. These included details of the displacement of thousands of Afghans, pressure on ISIS to provide life-saving aid to Palestinians to maintain stability in Gaza, and threats to the entire Middle East.

Boyd also indicated that the agreement with Qatar to ensure the stability of global energy supplies was in the common interest of both. Because if war breaks out with Russia, Europe will stop getting Russian gas. It should be important to accompany the ‘dagger’ in those circumstances. Its natural gas is helpful.

Apart from the discussion, the two also discussed trade and capital investment between the two countries.