The number of corona cases is increasing rapidly. On the other hand, the number of beds available in hospital intensive care is decreasing just as quickly.

Although there is an emergency reserve, it takes about a week to mobilize it, because in a hospital in emergency mode all the work must be structured differently, specifies the doctor.

Bad signal from the federal government

Speaking to the federal government, Marx explains: “DIVI demands urgent action. We now really need national resolutions to immediately reduce the rate of infection. And in our opinion this is the completely wrong signal to end the epidemic situation of national importance. “

Instead, given the dynamic nature of the infection process, we should ‘keep all options necessary to avoid overloading the health care system and extreme situations such as triage. [AUDIO]which are discussed several times in the media, ”advises Marx. Over the past year, it was found that in the end, only extreme measures would have broken the tide.

The keystone: low-threshold vaccination offers

In his view, possible measures should also include additional testing on vaccinated and recovered employees and visitors to clinics and nursing homes. At least medical masks should also be worn in public spaces, according to Marx.

In addition, expedited approval procedures for corona drugs are needed. “And the ultimate is the low-threshold vaccination offer, including the booster vaccination,” says Marx. He is therefore very pleased with the announcement by the Permanent Vaccination Commission (STIKO) that it is now also recommended to use boosters from the age of 18.

“To get vaccinated!”

However, it takes a lot more speed to vaccinate than before, warns Marx. The daily immunization rate of 0.2 percent of the population is “much, far too little”. It had to be at least one percent, and for that to happen, many more specialists and company doctors would have to be involved, according to Marx. At the same time, it is important to reduce the bureaucratic effort in documenting vaccination.

The doctor urges all citizens: “Get vaccinated, get boosted so that the fourth wave is broken!”