Yesterday, Apple released the fifth beta of iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and tvOS 15. The operating system which will see its public launch this fall thus takes a new step. In the case of a fifth version, there aren’t many new things showing up, but they’re enough for us to list.

Design changes, relocation of options and more information

In this beta most of the changes are cosmetic, although significant, which doesn’t mean, however, that we won’t see more changes in future versions. Stranger things have been seen in the beta, so until the official launch in the fall anything can happen. The list of changes, pending the fifth beta of watchOS 8 and macOS Monterey, is as follows.

New Weather App Icon: Apple updated the design of the Weather App icon to add more depth. The new icon has a considerably more saturated blue. New Icon in Control Center Camera and Lock Screen: After the Camera app icon design change in a previous beta, the new icon now comes to Control Center and Lock screen from our iPhone. A design change that eliminates the shutter button and increases the size of the flash and lens to give it more prominence. New icon for the recognition of sounds in the Control Center: The recognition of sounds, which we can activate and deactivate from the Control Center, has also changed its icon to leave the square in which the sound wave was locked. The new icon, with a magnifying glass analyzing the sound, seems, clearly, more representative of the functionality. Reload button in Safari: On the iPhone now, the button to reload a web page only appears when we display the URL bar. If it is folded, the button is hidden. Improvements in iPad tab bar: Now, if we decide to separate tabs from the navigation bar, the active tab gets a more saturated shading so that we can distinguish which tab we are on. Home screen settings: The Use large icons option now appears in the Home screen section of the Settings app. Search for information after turning off iPhone: Instead of presenting an alert the first time we turn off our iPhone, letting us know that it will continue to be found through the search network, this information now appears under the shutdown slider . A press on the iPhone can be located even after the shutdown gives us access to the full explanation and offers us to temporarily disable the search. Turn off background sounds when locking iPhone: The option to stop playing background sounds after locking iPhone has been added. Home screens: New home screens in Photos, Reminders, Home, and Cards. TestFlight App Store Notice: If we have installed any version of TestFlight, this information is reflected in the App Store and we are offered to go to TestFlight to get more information and manage the app. Notifications during focus: The design of the notification summary during a focused state has changed slightly. Location Notice in the App Store: The App Store now displays a home screen where it explains why to use location services. Legacy Contacts Carried Over for Future Beta: The functionality to define who can access the content of an Apple ID after the owner dies is being removed in this beta to return later.

And that’s it, at least what we know so far. The news, as one can see, focused on aesthetics and on the effective presentation of information. News that, on the other hand, may change or disappear in future betas. We will be there in the meantime.