One of the new features of iCloud +, the service presented by Apple at WWDC 2021, is the ability to send and receive emails using a custom domain. A service now available in beta, ready to allow us to carry out the first tests.

Three clicks, a few DNS changes and you’re done

As user @mcontreras found out, the beta of has already made it possible to set up a custom domain in our iCloud mailbox so that we can send and receive mail directly from our Apple account.

Setting up the service is pretty straightforward. From, once identified, we go to the account settings, then we touch the custom mail domain. Here the system will walk us through a few brief steps to set up the account.

We must first enter the field. Then write down all the email addresses from that domain that we want to import into iCloud. After that, we have to enter some records into the DNS server that we are using and wait a few minutes for them to propagate. Once done, just touch Finish setup for the system to verify all settings.

Nothing else, after the message Your domain is ready for use with iCloud Mail, we can start receiving and sending mail from on behalf of the address or addresses we imported. The system is as simple and transparent as selecting the “From” of our message to use whatever we want on every occasion.

Besides the ability to create random addresses, the ability to use our own custom domain to receive and send emails directly to iCloud is great news. Clearly this is not a novelty designed for all audiences, but personally, as I manage multiple domains, being able to centralize everything in one email client is fantastic. For now, however, let’s remember that we’re in a beta, although with how quickly we approach September I’m sure that sooner rather than later we can all take advantage of this feature.