Today is the big day for Samsung, which will unveil its new folding family at its Unpacked event: the new generations of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold. OnePlus wanted to take center stage on social networks, revealing its possible first folding.

The company released an image on the networks showing a phone similar to the LG G8X ThinQ with a dual screen, i.e. a mobile with two separate screens instead of a foldable screen like the Galaxy Fold.

OnePlus is heating up networks, hype or troll?

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– OnePlus➕ (@OnePlus_USA) August 10, 2021

OnePlus released on social networks that today, at the same time as Samsung Unpacked, they will give information about their “folding”. The Asian firm is known for its social media hype for attention, so it could be a curious marketing move or one of the biggest trolls of the year.

OnePlus showed a device with a dual screen, similar to what we saw some time ago with the LG G8X ThinQ

Anyway, in the networks they showed a device with a double screen, but separated from each other in the central area. Basically, something similar to sticking two OnePlus 9 together, instead of making a device with a screen. The move, if it materializes, would be more than curious, since the response to the presentation of the Fold would indicate being a concept that has not been convinced in the LG G8X.

Llamativa asimismo la respuesta of Pete Lau has a usuario that preguntaba to OnePlus if “¿no sabéis that Samsung holds an evento mañana ?, respondiendo Lau that” conocen exactly los lanzamientos de sus rivales y que no han puesto una galaxia en la pantalla del plegable by chance”.

Throughout the day we will know whether or not they finally present the device, which is due in the afternoon of August 11, at the same time as Samsung’s foldable devices are presented.