The connected home has accustomed us to managing all kinds of connected devices at home. The variety today is enormous and it is normal that among all that we have, there is “junk” which is fundamental to us on a daily basis.

For this reason, I decided to ask Xataka’s colleagues to tell us what their favorite (s) are. Speakers, connected sockets, smart bulbs, connected thermostats … The variety is immense and this is the choice made by the editors of Engadget.

“This is the mesh router and the Eero 6 extender from the same brand. As he tells me,” not only do they allow you to have a good signal throughout my house, but they also allow me to control very easily the status of my network, it warns me as soon as a new device connects to it, I forget the problem of bands with home automation accessories, it offers traffic monitoring and trackers … What should be the routers by default”.

“In addition, it integrates a Zigbee controller and is compatible with HomeKit (in addition to Alexa, of course). It can be configured in 3 minutes, the only downside is that it only has an application for mobile phones, not for computers.

New | Amazon eero 6 Dual Band Mesh 6 Wi-Fi System with Integrated Zigbee Smart Smart Home Controller | 1 unit

“My favorite connected device is the Xiaomi smart plug. Yes, a cheap gadget and quite easy to use but which made my life more comfortable. I connected it to the water heater, which is electric. It is programmed. for the water heater to operate from 5 am to 7 am, an ideal time slot to have hot water for the morning shower and to consume electricity during off-peak hours. ”

“Unlike programmable dry sockets, I can control it from my mobile if I need it to work longer or turn it off remotely if I spend days away from home.”

Smart plug – Xiaomi Mi Smart Power Plug GMR4015GL, 3680 W, Home automation, White

“I can’t live without the 4th Generation Amazon Echo Dot with a display. I use it as a speakerphone to play background music while I’m working, to turn on the robot vacuum when I leave the house, to find out what the weather is like … alarm clock! “.

Echo Dot (4th generation) | Smart speaker with Alexa | Anthracite

“For me, the Chromecast with Google TV was a real discovery. I don’t really like ‘smart’ TV platforms and wanted guarantees in that regard. The Google device is not cheap, but it is simply stupendous for its fluidity, for an interface that seems unmatched to me and for the speed with which you launch content “.

“Do you watch Netflix and want to go see Disney +?” Wow! A few pressures and you’re done. What do you want to read the contents of your NAS? Wow! ode to minimalism) and voila. All super fast and also with a pretty decent recommendation engine that adds content from all your platforms so that on the home screen you have options from the first moment. Simply essential for me “.

Google Chromecast with Google TV

“For me, what I love most about my house are Eve’s smart plugs. They allow me to be able to plug and unplug things like my bathroom heater, my water heater or my television from my mobile and from anywhere on the planet. even do it with a voice command to Siri, which constantly listens from my Apple Watch “.

“But it’s not just the convenience of being able to turn things like that on and off: by automating these outlets I can have several of them turned off automatically just by walking away from home, thus avoiding misunderstandings that result in a bill. of electricity this drains my account, I can also determine the hours of activation and deactivation of the water heater, which, with the new electricity billing sections in Spain, is very advantageous “.

Eve Energy – Switchable Smart Socket, TÜV Certified, Consumption Meter, Schedules, Turns Devices On and Off, No Bridge Needed, Bluetooth / Thread, Homekit

“There is a connected device that I have had for a long time and that we use a lot at home: the smart scale. Specifically, I have the Fitbit Aria 2, which displays weight and body fat percentage on the screen and syncs all data with the Fitbit app. There you can check the statistics and the progress of your bikini operation later. Moreover, it allows you to create multiple profiles and recognize them automatically so that it can be used by multiple people.

“My essential connected accessory is the heating thermostat. It is a Tado V3 attached to the wall at the entrance to the house. With it you can, from any room and device, use HomeKit to change the temperature of the room. House.”

“In addition to being able to turn on the heating manually a little before arriving at the house to find it already hot with this thermostat, we can automate the different temperatures throughout the day. Personally, I use the Tado only with the Home app. I know its dedicated app has several functions and automations based on various settings, although for something like heating I would prefer to either turn it on and off manually (with the iPhone or Siri) or perform very simple automation “.

tado ° Smart Thermostat – Starter Kit (v3) – intelligent heating control by geolocation and via smartphone (German version)

“For me, having the Chromecast is essential because I have little girls, vodafone and Disney +. And I haven’t found a better way to view the platform on my old TV. Now that I’m going to reform the house, I would like to discover another device that saved us time but I can’t see it clearly … the smart speaker in the end only served as a timer for the kitchen and the little one uses it every now and then to literally tell him bad jokes … “

Google Chromecast, Charcoal, Play streaming content