He’s the most miserable innocent you can have today, but there are times when you get an Apple product for Reyes and it breaks, or you lose it. There are many reasons to throw our fists in the sky and publish the entire dictionary of insults of the Royal Spanish Academy of the Language, but luckily there are relative solutions that we can choose from.

What to do if you have lost an Apple device

Let’s start with the smallest thing: you lost what you were given. If what you’ve lost is a HomePod, case, or anything else that can’t be found, it’s best if you presume that loss, as the only thing you can do is keep looking the old-fashioned way.

But if you have lost an iPad, AirPods, or any other device / accessory that can be located through the search network, there is still hope. You must obviously have configured it beforehand, but this is what gives you the possibility of locating it.

If you are in this situation, take a deep breath and search for a computer or device (from any platform) that is connected to the Internet. If it’s a computer or Android device, open a browser and go to the Apple Search website. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, just open the Search app.

Regardless of the access mode, you will see a map with which you can locate all devices in your name either in real time or by viewing the last location online. If you click or touch one of the devices, you will see the different options available to you at that time:

Make the device emit a sound, something appropriate if we see that it has not moved from the house. Put the device in lost mode, which will allow you to lock it and place a message on the screen to notify anyone who finds it. Erase all data on the device. This option is a desperate measure, indicated when we see that the device is unrecoverable (for example, we see that it is in another country) and we want to be sure that no one is accessing our data.

Depending on where and how we locate what we have lost, we will act one way or another, it already depends on the situation. But the key is that we can at least see where this device is and try to get it back.

What to do if an Apple device is broken

Another situation that nobody wants, but sometimes happens, is that a newly released Apple product breaks or experiences some kind of breakdown. There are two different situations to mention here: the product has an internal defect that came from the factory, or it was accidentally broken.

If the product has an internal defect of which you are not guilty, the solution is simple: go to an Apple Store or an authorized reseller. Because the product is new and under warranty, Apple should provide you with a new one and keep the damaged one. The official support app can help you.

If the breakage was caused by you by accident (an iPhone with its faceplate broken is most common) the process is the same, but you have to pay for the repair since the warranty does not cover accidental damage. You pay less, yes, if you’ve already purchased an AppleCare extended warranty. This can be something to consider if you have a fairly long history of accidental falls.

Image | Ali Abdul Rahman