The property is facing heavy damage

Mexico: Wind gusts have wreaked havoc in eastern Mexico with heavy rain and Hurricane Grace. The country’s most powerful storm in recent years has caused lightning and uprooted hundreds of trees in the Bay Area. Maximum wind speeds reached 12 mph (301 kph) in Grace Hurricane.

Grace Hurricane was classified as a Category-3 hurricane on the Five Step Saffir Simpson Scale. He arrived early in the morning at the resort town of Tecolutla in the state of Veracruz.

Federal officials said there was heavy rain in central and eastern Mexico. But Grace did not even mention the damage caused by the storm.

Civil defense officials in Veracruz said Grace caused power poles to collapse and massive trees to fall. Some photos and video footage on social media showed that some buildings were also damaged, but there were no immediate reports of casualties.

By the time it reached the hinterland, Grace had weakened, but the National Hurricane Center warned that such storms could occur if sea levels rose above normal.

Before Hurricane Grace, President Andres Manuel El Apez Obrador called on people from five states to seek refuge in shelters. He said that the civil defense forces, army and civilian officials are fully prepared for this.