A year ago, a touch control arrived on Stadia for Android, which was nothing more than a touch model of the official Stadia controller, a fix that allowed us to play without a controller but for most games. was not at all comfortable, but very soon Google will fix this problem.

Stadia will take advantage of the launch of Humankind to release on the same day, August 17, a very important novelty that the company has dubbed “direct touch”, which is nothing more than touch controls adapted to each game.

It is the “direct touch”

With “direct touch” you can play compatible Stadia games with their own touch controls and gestures, just like a native Android game, except they run in the cloud.

The first game to launch its own touch control and swipe or pinch gestures to perform actions is Sega and Amplitude Studios’ Humankind, but gradually more and more compatible games will arrive so that any Stadia game can be played comfortably from the touch screens of our mobiles and tablets.

In the case of HumandKind, the game will be played using one, two and three finger gestures without displaying any virtual buttons on the screen that hides a game element.

Via | 9to5Google