Huawei’s maps application is slowly gaining ground compared to applications already implemented on smartphones, such as the ubiquitous Google Maps. The brand recently introduced travel maps with updated information on preferred destinations. And it also offers a layer with weather information for different places around the globe.

With the fateful American veto, Huawei had to promote the development of its own software in order to fill most of the void left by the lack, mainly, of Google. Harmony OS is the main response to the situation, along with apps like Petal Maps, one of Huawei’s more advanced phones (even for other phones, which is on Google Play). As a result of this development, Petal Maps incorporates features that match its competitors. And they can already be tested.

Travel maps and layer with current weather

Travel maps on Petal Maps

Huawei has evolved its Petal Maps from the start to offer not only point-to-point maps and guided navigation, two basic aspects of this type of location apps, now the app includes different layers that even offer traffic in real time. This information is extremely useful for plotting routes, also when choosing alternative routes.

Following the evolution, Huawei announced the latest news from Petal Maps, both for Huawei phones and for those who install Petal Maps from the Google Play Store. The application is very comprehensive, includes advanced route planning, the aforementioned real-time traffic, public transport information, offers data related to Covid 19 and, recently incorporated, Petal Maps allows you to view the weather in at a glance with its weather layer and up-to-date information offers for current destinations.

The Petal Maps weather layer includes real-time weather information with forecasts for 24 hours and for the next 14 days. This information includes temperature as well as thermal sensation, probability of rain, wind and humidity. This layer can be viewed for the current situation and also for any other part.

With travel maps, Huawei is adding a quick way to Petal Maps to check common routes to home and to work. So you can see everything you need at a glance while still being accessible, just like Google Maps. In addition, the application has improved its design and ease of use, the customization of routes is also extended.

Layer with weather information

Petal Maps becomes a very complete application of maps and GPS routes, it is perfectly valid for most uses and situations. Once Huawei includes more store information, Petal will be able to compete well with its larger competition; which will reduce the problem of not having Google applications, the main burden for their mobiles.

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