Overcoming the sixth wave, the Covid passport is still mandatory to travel to many countries, and many autonomous communities will continue to request the certificate to access restaurants, bars, gyms, shows or residences. One of the most practical ways to wear it is to download the Covid certificate on your mobile, but there is another even more practical way: to wear it on your connected watch.

Then we will see how you can download your Covid certificate to your Wear OS watch to always have it accessible on your wrist, thus avoiding having to take your mobile out of your pocket or having to carry your mobile with you, because if you do sports, you might want to leave the mobile at home. Wearing the Covid Passport on your watch allows you to access your gym or a cafeteria without your mobile.

Upload your Covid certificate in Wear OS

Currently, the best alternative to carry the Covid Passport on your Wear OS watch is through the Stocard app, as Google Pay for Wear OS does not currently support loyalty cards, so we have to use a third-party app.

The first step we have to do is download Stocard on our mobile and watch. The second step is to open Stocard on our mobile to add our Covid certificate. To do this, we must follow these steps:

Tap Add card. Search for the EU COVID-19 vaccination certificate. Scan the QR code of your certificate. The certificate will be saved on your mobile and watch with Stocard.

If you are unable to scan the QR of your certificate because you have not printed it or because you cannot open its PDF from another device, you will have to open the Covid certificate in Passbook format, which you can download from the Ministry of Health or convert the PDF of your certificate into a Passbook.

If you are downloading the Passbook from the Ministry of Health, or from your health center if they support it, when you click on the PKPASS file that was downloaded, you will need to select Open with Stocard. The Covid certificate will be registered in Stocard as soon as it is opened.

If you downloaded the COVID certificate in PDF format, you can also convert it to PKPASS format with the official Aena SpTH app, as we have seen in this tutorial. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

Open the SpTH app. Click on My journeys then on My CCDs. Tap the ‘+’ icon to add a new code. Tap Upload file and select your COVID certificate PDF. Give it an alias and accept. Open the certificate you just added. Click Add to Wallet. Select Stocard.

Once you have added your Covid certificate to Stocard from your mobile device, simply open Stocard on your Wear OS watch to verify that your Covid passport also appears on your watch. If your mobile and your watch are linked, Stocard should soon synchronize to display all your cards.

When we need to show our Covid certificate, we only have to open Stocard from our watch and click on the card of the certificate so that the QR code appears on the screen of our watch. It will not be necessary to take the mobile with you.

Stocard – Loyalty card

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