Walking is one of the best tools to take care of our health, as various studies show. Our iPhone and Apple Watch can help us record and monitor our walks, so we have made a selection with a few apps to walk and improve your health.

The Health or Fitness app itself

If we don’t want to install third-party apps, the Health app is enough and there are a lot of them, or with Fitness if we have iOS 15. We just have to go to the iPhone’s settings, “Privacy” and ” activate the option “Sports monitoring” in “physical activity”. From this moment, the iPhone will be able to collect the steps that we have taken, and even the floors that we have climbed.

If we have an Apple Watch, the watch will collect this data and display it in the Fitness app. The different challenges and achievements that the app brings will help us walk, and we can also set the number of daily steps we want to take.


Runkeeper is one of the best apps for recording our workouts. It is able to record walking, running, hiking and anything else. We can set different goals: if we want to go faster, go further, lose weight, etc., so that the walks adapt to it.

It also integrates with Apple Music and Spotify, allowing us to listen to music while we walk. It also presents different challenges, records and statistics with our progress and, of course, the integration with the Apple Watch.


Another of the best apps to start walking and improve your health is Adidas Running by Runtastic. The app tracks your walks in real time using GPS, has a virtual trainer, monitors your daily performance and sets different goals for you. Visually, it’s a delight, it’s compatible with the Apple Watch and it even has a more social section, where we can share our routes in real time.

Under Armor Map My Walk

Map My Walk is a great app that allows us to record long walks, show us the distance we’ve walked, duration, calories we’ve burned and more. We can save our routes to repeat them, as well as find new places to walk. The performance after each walk is also analyzed and we can set ourselves different goals to improve our performance day after day.

Walk and lose weight

Under the curious name of Walking Running Weight Loss Goals, this is one of the apps that I recommend the most for people who don’t want to get too complicated. It is an app that comes with several training plans like walking to lose weight in a moderate way, start running and more. It has integration with Apple Watch and Siri, it shows us distances, calories burned and beats per minute and in a very graphical way it shows all the progress of the day, week and month.