Xiaomi mobiles have a function that allows the duplication of applications like WhatsApp or Telegram, but it does not always appear on all phones. The cheaper ones don’t always have access to these duplicate apps in their MIUI settings, but there is usually a way to duplicate them. We explain it to you.

Xiaomi mobiles generally have a dual SIM, this is a function available both in the low end and in the most premium range. Having two numbers on the phone allows you to have two simultaneous WhatsApp accounts, for example; otherwise, because the app can only be used with one number. Fortunately, MIUI includes two apps as standard, a function to use two WhatsApp, two Facebook, two Telegram and many other applications. And it can normally be used even if the option does not appear in the settings.

MIUI offers you the option to duplicate when you download the app

Two apps in MIUI settings

In general, all you have to do is go to the settings of most Xiaomi mobiles and enter the “Dual Applications” section: from this section, the applications compatible with the function can be duplicated. . WhatsApp is one of them (surely the most used), as well as Telegram and social networks like Facebook. Choose the app and follow the steps, it’s that easy: MIUI will create a parallel app to sign up with another account.

The above method is the generic method for most Xiaomi phones: almost all of them offer the dual apps in MIUI settings. However, there are inexpensive mobiles that do not have this menu as standard, such as with the Xiaomi Redmi 9A. For these cases, the MIUI installation menu can be used, this confirmation screen that appears every time a download is completed.

To duplicate an app on a Xiaomi mobile that does not have the dual apps option, follow these steps:

Download the app you want to duplicate. It can be from Google Play or other sources, the process is the same. When MIUI downloads the app, it proceeds to install it. Look at the confirmation screen that appears after the process. After installation, and as long as the application is suitable for duplication, a “Dual Applications” button will appear to the left of the “Open” button. You have to click on the first option. MIUI will guide you through the duplication process. In case you have already installed the application, and as long as “Double applications” does not appear in the MIUI menu, you must uninstall it to download it again. Make sure you have saved a backup (with this process if it’s WhatsApp, for example) and reinstall it looking at the screen that appears after installation. Then click on the “Dual Applications” button and continue with the guided process. Button to duplicate WhatsApp after installation

You have to be on your guard because, if the install screen is removed, the app will need to be uninstalled to download it again. Also, not all Xiaomi work the same: there will even be some that cannot even duplicate applications from the download screen. Make sure you always have the most recent version of MIUI and system apps.