One of the many new features that the Notes app has received in iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS 12 Monterey is the ability to sort notes using tags. A very simple and intuitive system that will allow us to filter and access certain content quickly and comfortably.

Tags that allow us to go well beyond a simple name

Labeling a note is very simple, you just write a “” followed by a word, as soon as you press the bar of space this word is will become a label. We can use these labels in any part of a note, from the title to the inside of a table, and we can also give it any format we want. Of course, we can use all the labels we want within a single note. All this organization, in addition, is synchronized on our iPhone, iPad or Mac as long as we use the latest versions of the corresponding operating system for each device.

Okay, having seen the labeling process, which no longer holds any secrets, let’s talk about the possibilities offered by being able to label notes. The most obvious is that now, under the list of different application folders, we can touch any of the labels to see the notes that contain them. We can also touch more than one tag to collect notes that share the ones we select.

By tagging the notes, we can create smart folders that use this information to categorize our notes for us. Creating a smart folder is as easy as hitting the New Folder button, which appears at the bottom left of the folder list, and choosing New Smart Folder.

From there, we just give the folder a name and choose the tags we want to include. After pressing OK, we’ll see this new folder appear alongside the existing ones, although we distinguish its smart nature by the symbol of a cogwheel preceding its name.

Over time, the Notes app has evolved to encompass much more than text, far more than images. Now we can scan documents, draw, write by hand, use tables … The amount of information that we can handle in the app has increased exponentially for several years and, without a doubt, can order this properly labeled and quickly accessible information is of vital importance. Hence the #tags.