The Picture in Picture (PiP) mode, which we can translate into Spanish as “Picture in picture”, is a way of viewing videos on our Mac that allows us to watch a video while doing other activities or changing the picture. ‘application. When we activate it, the video starts to occupy a small part of our screen and, in addition, it sits on top of any other window so that we can continue to watch it, even while doing other activities.

How to activate picture-in-picture mode

Enabling Picture-in-Picture mode in macOS is very easy. The exact steps to follow are as follows:

We open Safari. We visit the page and play the video that interests us. When we start playing we will see an icon in the form of a speaker on the right side of the tab we are in. If we only have one tab open, we’ll see this icon next to the address bar. We secondary (right) click on the speaker icon and choose Activate picture in picture.

How to use picture-in-picture mode

Once we are in the activated mode, we can do several things:

Pause or resume playback: We tap the Play / Pause button in the playback window. Return to normal playback: Touch the button in the form of two screens with an arrow to the left in the playback window. The system will return us to the page where we were watching the video without stopping the playback. Close the Image in Image mode: Touch the “x” shaped button at the top left of the playback window. Playback will be paused on the video source page. Resize the reading window: We drag the sides of the reading window to reduce or enlarge its size. We can use the sides that are not “in contact” with the physical sides of our screen. Move the reading window: We drag and drop the reading window to one of the four corners of our screen. Freely move the playback window: Drag and drop the playback window while holding down the Command (⌘) key. We can therefore place the reading window in any area of ​​our screen.

Without a doubt, a very useful function for multitasking, as it allows us to perform two activities very comfortably and efficiently.

Image | Christophe gower