If a few days ago we explained to you how we could register the COVID certificate in the Wallet app of our iPhone so that we can access it quickly and comfortably, it is just as important that we can check if the said certificate is working correctly. For this, we will use our iPhone and a free or simpler and at the same time effective application.

Check or save our certificates in the easiest way

Being able to verify the validity of a COVID Certificate is essential. The peace of mind of knowing that our certificates are working properly is important. Fortunately, there is an app for this, so testing is really easy.

COVID Certificate Check is a free application from the Swiss Confederation which is able to scan the QR code of the COVID certificate, comparing it with the European Union database even offline. The verification process is actually very simple, just start the app, touch the Verify button, scan the QR code of our certificate and see the result. Just two steps.

The certificate verification is done in two steps.

Mention that from the same developer is the COVID Certificate application which allows us to store all the certificates we want in the easiest way. An alternative to saving them in Wallet that will allow us to show those of the whole family, for example, in a simple and efficient way. The process of registering our certificates in the app is as easy as scanning the QR code and letting the app register the certificate.

Simplifying the process of verifying and managing these certificates is essential. We hope that we will soon leave behind the health situation and therefore the need to show this certificate, but in the meantime their use can be, as these two applications show us, the simplest and most comfortable.