The vehicle’s operating system is updated as Google releases new versions. And they are not very complicated to download these updates: we tell you the two methods with which you can update your Android Auto to receive news from the platform as quickly as possible.

Get in the car, turn it on and the Android Auto screen that appears on the vehicle console is the start of all trips made in a car compatible with this operating system. In itself, it is not a system as such since the vehicle screen reflects what the connected Android mobile transmits, either with Android Auto wirelessly or with the cable. For this reason, to update the system, you need to update the phone.

Android Auto 7.3 is out of beta and you can now install it

Although part of the software is included in the vehicle, Android Auto belongs to the Android mobile which connects to the car. It is rooted in the system, although it has a separate app available on Google Play. This implies that to update Android Auto, just download the new version from the Android store. Usually.

Google released Android Auto 7.3 this week after keeping this version in development with successive iterations which, as the main novelty, anticipated a new interface: the one called “Coolwalk”. Version 7.3 is now in its stable form; so it’s not too complicated to update your Android Auto:

Open your Google Play and go to apps waiting for update. Chances are Android Auto is there. Update the app and that’s it: when you connect to the car, you will already do so with the new version. If you want to access the specific Android Auto tab on Google Play, just go to this link.

This is the usual way to update your Android Auto, although there is another way: APKs. Thanks to these installation files, you can access the news before Google releases them in a stable way since you have the possibility to install the betas. Of course, bear in mind that Android Auto is linked to something as delicate as driving: if there are errors in the betas, it can cause distracted driving.

To update your Android Auto to betas (or the most recent stable version), you must do the following:

Go to Apk Mirror and download the latest Android Auto APK that matches your phone’s hardware. Install the APK and your Android Auto will now be up to date. You can also try signing up for the beta directly from this link. The most common is that it appears as closed, but you might get lucky. Android Auto 7.3

Android Auto 7.3 opens the door to the “Coolwalk” interface, a change in screen design that allows for styling maps. Of course, it’s not live: the update doesn’t bring any changes beyond bug fixes and stability. Google will enable news as it develops.