Android in itself is a fairly versatile operating system that allows us to do a plethora of things, and the ones we can’t do directly are supplemented by the apps we find on Google Play. But sometimes some manufacturers decide to integrate specific functions in their layers and this is the case with Xiaomi with its possibility to extend the WiFi signal to which we are connected.

We are not talking about being able to use the mobile phone as a WiFi hotspot for other devices (although it is similar) as this implies that internet access is via mobile data. What we are talking about is turning our Xiaomi into a WiFi repeater that expands the signal from our home or office router to extend the coverage. And it can be done natively with MIUI.

Use a Xiaomi mobile as a WiFi repeater

As we said, MIUI has a function that allows to extend the WiFi signal that the phone is connected to at that time (or the tablet, speaking of the Xiaomi Pad) although Xiaomi hides it a bit. Specifically, in the operating system development options, Android. So to get there we need to enable these developer options first.

To activate Developer options on a Xiaomi mobile, we need to follow the following steps:

We open the ‘Settings’ of the phone. We go to ‘About phone’, the function that we will find at the top of the list of settings. We locate the “MIUI version” and repeatedly tap on the version. The phone should show us a message with a countdown with the number of times we have left to activate the developer options. Once activated, the phone alerts us with a floating message.

We have already completed the first step, the one that takes us to activate the developer options that are hidden in the operating system and in MIUI. Once we have brought up the section in the settings, we will activate the system’s WiFi network extension.

We open the ‘Settings’ of the phone. We locate “Developer options” in the settings and access list. We locate the ‘Networks’ area. Click on “Enable Wi-Fi Coverage Extension” to toggle between disabled and enabled.

Ready. Now our phone will be connected to the WiFi network we choose but, at the same time, it will also broadcast that same WiFi. Thus, the devices furthest from the router can connect directly to the phone to have an Internet connection. Of course, keep in mind that the connection through the repeaters is slightly slower, so don’t be surprised to find less speed than the direct connection to the router.