It is not difficult to take advantage of our old mobile, and it is that we can use it as a system monitor in Windows 10, give it a second life by using it as a router or even turn it into a security camera. Today we are going to teach you how to use it as a Dash Cam, the dash cams that some of us like to carry around in the car.

These types of cameras are crucial if we want to have proof that someone has stolen or hit our car, although we will also discuss their legality, since doubts often arise about the legality of carrying a camera recording in our car.

Turn your phone into a dash cam

If we want to use our mobile as a Dash Cam, we will only need two elements: a mobile phone holder for the car and an application that allows us to use it as a dash cam. The most complete application at the moment is Droid Dashcam DVR. This application allows you to record in the background, start recording automatically, display GPS speed, coordinates, etc. All with a very easy to use interface.

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This application allows us to adjust to the millimeter all the parameters that we can imagine in the recording: resolution, stabilization, exposure, etc.

In addition, it is one of the few applications that allows you to record up to 4K (provided that your mobile allows it and that you have enough memory) What is also striking is that we We can record in any other fully customized resolution, starting from 320. Bitrate, camera focus, stabilization and even exposure compensation at night.

What the law says about using a Dash Cam

The legal framework of dashcams leaves some doubts. The AEPD criteria differentiate between recording for private use or use as a CCTV camera. In other words, if the recording does not transcend domestic and private use, there would be no problem using a camera of this type, which is similar to recording with a “GoPro”.

The problem arises when we want to use these recordings as evidence to incriminate another person. In the event that the car camera has carried out video surveillance tasks, these “must have been carried out in accordance with the LOPD”. If the camera is proven to meet these requirements, we may use the camera in legal proceedings.

It is not so easy to prove that the recording is legitimate and does not violate the image rights of the third party we are recording.

It is not so simple, since it would be necessary to prove that the recording does not infringe the image rights of a third party, having to justify the need to have captured these images.

In short, it is not illegal to mount a Dash Cam, although we will have great difficulty if we want to use the recording in a lawsuit to prove the offense or the crime of a third party.