In Android, there are as many lock screens as there are layers of customization, but many agree that they include a shortcut to open the camera app. Sometimes you can change it to another or add more, and other times it is what it is and nothing more.

If you want, you can automate the opening of a different app instead of the camera app, for example, it can be a different camera app like the famous Gcam. As in Android we cannot do it with shortcuts, we will use Macrodroid which is very similar or even more powerful.

Change lock screen shortcut

It is quite common for Android phones to have a button, shortcut or any kind of quick shortcut to open the camera faster from the lock screen. If you want this shortcut to open something else, you can do so using a macro app like Macrodroid.

Of course, it is worth digging into the settings of the mobile to see if it allows modifying the shortcuts without a trick, because the result will be more satisfying and will take less time. If not, install Macrodroid and start creating a new macro.

The first thing you’ll need is to add a trigger, by pressing the + button in the red box. In the list, display the Applications section and tap on Application Run / Closed. Select the Running app option and finally choose your mobile camera app from the list. That is, the one you want to “replace”.

Next comes the turn of the action, which will happen when the previous condition is met. Expand the Applications section and choose Launch Application. Leave Select Application checked and choose the application you want to open instead of the previous one. For example, Gcam for your mobile.

With this, you already have the macro ready. Whenever your phone’s camera app is opened, Gcam will open instead. If you prefer that this does not always happen, you can add restrictions so that it is only fulfilled under certain conditions.

For example, you can add a restriction to only open that other app if the device is locked, so you can still launch your phone’s camera app as usual, from the camera drawer. application.

Due to the way Android works, you’ll see animations when the second app is opened on top of the first, but otherwise the invention works quite well, at least as an absolute replacement. With restrictions it also works, although it requires you to unlock the mobile before opening the second app.

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