The Live Photos that iPhones can create are a good way to give our photos a slight animation, which gives the photo more context and awakens more memories of the moment. The price to pay is that they take up more space, and some services are not compatible with the format.

If for these reasons or anything we don’t want to use Live Photos in our camera, there is a way to turn them off and prevent them from automatically re-enabling. Let’s see how to do it.

Deactivating it once is enough

Deactivating the Live Photos function is simple, just press its corresponding button in the Camera application to turn it from yellow to white:

But it is possible that Live Photos will be activated again automatically, because by default the system gives it the preference. We can prevent this by opening the iOS Settings app and going to the “Camera” section:

There we will access the “Keep settings” section. Inside, we’ll turn on the ‘Live Photos’ option so that it keeps the preference to leave it off and not turn it back on, unless we do it manually again:

In Applesfera Enjoy (really) Live Photos with this little trick

This way, you won’t have to constantly turn off Live Photos in the Camera app, in case you prefer traditional photos. Remember, you can always turn this off again, or in fact use it to have Live Photos always on in case you occasionally turn it off for specific photos.